Saturday, June 03, 2006

Memorial Day Camping - May 26 to 29, 2006

We had a great Memorial day weekend with camping near Deckers at the South Platte River. Actually we were not directly at the river, but close by at the Indian Creek Campground. There are some great, secluded campsites. We did plenty of fishing, biking and just hanging out and enjoying the nice scenery. The fish did not bite too aggressive, but we caught at least two big ones and a few smaller ones, which we released again. We grilled the big ones and they were tasty.

Picture 1: Our Campsite (click to enlarge)

Picture 2: Campsite

Picture 3: View from the Campsite

Picture 4: Fishing at the South Platte River

Picture 5: Even the Coyotes are looking for fish

Picture 6: Finally a big one! (18in) But what is it? We found out later that it is a white sucker.

Picture 7: Smokey searching for some shade during the long day of fishing.

Picture 8: They taste great grilled

Picture 9: Taking a break during the bike ride

Picture 10: Sad... but the Hayman fire from 2002 is still visible at quite a few places

Picture 11: Catch me if you can!

Picture 12: Can you still find me?