Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Radio Beacon Peak - July 4, 2007

Radio Beacon Peak near Rollins Pass
Riders: Dave, Lacy and Oliver

What a better way than celebrating July 4th with a few last turns of the season. After a bumpy car ride up to Yankee Doodle Lake we made our way up through the remaining snow bank to the regular summer trailhead with our bikes.

Ride up:
(Click to enlarge)

Oliver biking:

Different Packing styles:

Radio Beacon Peak:

Climbing in:

Popular Line:

View from the top of our line:

Checking out the entrance:

Oliver checking it out from the other side:

Looking down:

Lacy dropping in:

Dave dropping in:

More turns for Lacy:

Our line from the bottom:

Other dudes:

That's a nice finish line!

Nice waterplay:

Way out:

Neva Mountain - June 15, 2007

Indian Peaks Wilderness
Riders: Dave and Oliver

Neva Mountain:
(Click to enlarge)

Northstar Couloir:

Lake Dorothy:

Dave on the snowclimb:

Oliver climbing:

Intended Line:

Oliver's turns on the east face:

Dave is next:

The line looking back:

Second climb:

Ready for more:

Looking down the second line:

Dave dropping in:

Way out:

Plenty of suncups:

Look back: