Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Freeride Disentis and Staldenfirn - February 16 & 17, 2013

It has been quite a while since my last post (not that much time anymore to post skiing pictures since the birth of our lovely daughter and son). But after this memorable weekend I thought I might share a few pics.

I went with my brother Alexander, Rene and Max to Disentis for one day freeriding. We stayed Saturday night in the winterroom of the Cavardiras hut. On Sunday we went to the Oberalpstock and followed it up with one of the longest available rides down the Staldenfirn.

We agreed on the dates about 2 month ago, and it turned out that we chose the date wisely. I was on the Staldenfirn two times before in previous years, but never had it been in such prime conditions. Powder from top to bottom. Upper part around 40 cm of fluffy powder and even lower down in the Milchplanggen still 20-30 cm of fresh pow on top of a thick snowpack.

Lift assisted warmup runs (Val Acletta) - Alexander photo by IridePow

Even the southern slopes provided some very dry, fluffy powder; however not bottomless, since there was a crust about 30 cm underneath. photo by IridePow

Rene photo by IridePow

Max is loving it photo by IridePow

Afterwards we are trenching our way to the northern slopes. photo by IridePow

Unfortunately at that point the clouds started to move in. So there is no photo evidence of the face shot galore that unfolded after this hike over into the Val Strem. photo by IridePow

At the end of the day we make the traverse over to the ladder. photo by IridePow

Quite some snow this year… usually not that easy to get on it. photo by IridePow

Rene on the ladder

photo by IridePow

Followed by Alexander and Max photo by IridePow

photo by IridePow

Short downhill to the Brunni firn and than a longer flat section to the hut on the horizon. photo by IridePow

Last sun rays on the Brunni firn photo by IridePow

Just before dark we make it to the Cavardiras hut. photo by IridePow

Quite a good winter room, which we shared with 3 other people (the picture does not do it justice). Took a while to get warm, but afterwards nice an cozy. photo by IridePow

Next day bluebird photo by IridePow

The group is stoked to get going. photo by IridePow

Making our way over the brunni firn towards the Oberalpstock. photo by IridePow

photo by IridePow

photo by IridePow

Max soaking in the views (Gross Duessi to the right, Clariden in the background). photo by IridePow

Alexander and Rene on the upper half. photo by IridePow

On the summit. This Sunday was actually quite a busy day on the Oberalpstock. We started at 8:30 at the hut and at around 9:10 the first people already started clearing the ladder. There were probably almost 80 people on the summit this day. This was the only minus point on this great day (note to self: next time start one hour earlier at the hut). photo by IridePow

Looking from the summit to the Toedi west face. photo by IridePow

Looking to the east (Bristen in the foreground). photo by IridePow

Entrance to the Staldenfirn. Even though we were in the first third of the bulk of people it has seen already quite some traffic. photo by IridePow

Luckily the Staldenfirn is wide and you could still find plenty of room to lay your own tracks. photo by IridePow

Alexander halfway down in the Gemsplanggen. What a feeling to surf this wide, long slope in such prime conditions. photo by IridePow

Even the Milchplanggen provided still some face shots. photo by IridePow

Yes Rene, that was a good day! photo by IridePow

Goodbye Maderaner valley. photo by IridePow

Thanks to the whole crew for an awesome weekend!