Thursday, May 08, 2014

Strahlhorn and Alphubel - May 4 and 5, 2014

Spent a nice weekend with Peter, Christoph and Andi in the high country of the Valais. After a not so easy as first thought stroll to the Britannia hut due to white out conditions on Saturday afternoon/evening, we were off to the Strahlhorn (4190 m) on Sunday morning.

On Monday we made our second 4000er for the (extended) weekend with the Alphubel (4206 m) and finished it off with a great long run down to Saas Fee.

Early Sunday morning start to the Strahlhorn photo by IridePow

Mathieu my co-worker was that night also at the Britannia hut and went on Sunday towards the Allalinpass and Rimpfischhorn photo by IridePow

We went our way to the left, the Strahlhorn photo by IridePow

Shortly after the Adlerpass the easy "Autobahn-stroll" was over and we had to make our way through a serac zone photo by IridePow

Christoph just below the summit. We were all feeling the thin air above 4000 m at this point. photo by IridePow

A bit windy and cold on the summit ridge photo by IridePow

photo by IridePow

However the great views over to the Monte Rosa massif made up for the somewhat breezy conditions photo by IridePow

The whole Strahlhorn crew photo by IridePow

Returning to the hut with a short hike back up photo by IridePow

Britannia hut photo by IridePow

Great morning light on Monday morning on our way to the Allalinpass and the Alphubel photo by IridePow

Panorama on the Allalinpass with the most prominent summits (Matterhorn, Dent Blanche, Zinalrothorn, Weisshorn) photo by IridePow

Peter and Andi making their way over to the traverse onto the Alphubel glacier photo by IridePow

Peter on the somewhat dicey traverse. Next time we will take the way below around the rock band. photo by IridePow

A group making their way from the Täsch hut towards the Rimpfischhorn photo by IridePow

Peter and Andi soaking in the views into the amphitheater of 4000er (and checking in with the loved ones via SMS) photo by IridePow

photo by IridePow

Who doesn't love life when you are in these surroundings? photo by IridePow

Making our way from the Alphubeljoch over to the Alphubel (Allalinhorn, Strahlhorn and Rimpfischhorn in the background) photo by IridePow

On the summit of the Alphubel (Täschhorn and Dom in the background). Once again that was some hard work in the thin air especially in the steep section just below the summit. photo by IridePow

However the views paid off (Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Dent Blanche the most prominent ones) photo by IridePow

Just about done skiing the steeper upper section in the serac zone photo by IridePow

Ready for a total downhill of 2400 m all the way down to Saas Fee. The upper part in some prime spring powder. Lower part then as expected in heavy, bottomless slush on the slopes of the closed ski area. photo by IridePow

photo by IridePow

Crossing over a snow bridge to make our way to the ski slopes photo by IridePow

Thanks to the whole crew for an awesome weekend!