Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Skitour in the Gauli area - April 19 to 22, 2015

Peter, Andi and I were lucky to spend 4 gorgeous days in the Gauli area in the Bernese Alps. We started at the Handegg (near Guttannen), spent the first night at the unmanned Grueben hut, two nights at the Gauli hut and topped the whole trip off with a push to the Wetterhorn and a memorable run down to Rosenlaui. The weather window could have not been more perfect.

Overview of our 4 day tour. Starting at Handegg, getting out at Rosenlaui.

Overlooking the Grueben area.

The Grueben hut with a thick snow blanket.

On our way up to the Golegghorn after leaving some ballast at the hut.

The last pitch up the couloir to the Golegghorn.

Philippe (a friend we met by coincidence up at the summit) on the way down the north face to the Gauli hut.

We made our way down south again to the Gruebenhut. Peter and Andi overlooking the arena with the Undri Baechlilicken on the lower left.

Our cozy home for the night. Highly recommended.

Start of day two with a look over to the Trift area.

On the way up to the Undri Baechlilicken.

Making our way up the saddle. First it went very well, middle part was bottomless snow. So I crawled my way up somehow and put in a fixed rope to help the others. (Gross Diamantstock in the background)

Andi made it!

Peter still fighting the tricky snow conditions.

Looking from the Undri Baechlilicken over to the Golegghorn and the Grueben hut on the rocky outcrop.

Panorama over to the Trift area as seen on our way up the Baechli glacier.

Reaching the Obri Baechlilicken.

Peter getting ready to head down on the north side of the Obri Baechlilicken. Overlooking the Gauli area.

Andi having some fun!

Looking to the west just below the Obri Baechlilicken (Hiendertenstock, Schreckhorn, Rosenegghorn)

Having a well deserved beer at the Gauli hut.

Morning of day Nr. 3. Another picture perfect sunny day!

Heading up to the Ankenbaelli.

Roping up over a crevasse zone at about 3300 m.

On the summit of the Ankenbaelli. Unbelievable panorama (pics just don't do it justice).

Lauteraarhorn, Schreckhorn, Moench, Eiger.

Peter opening it up on the wide open glacier.

Returning from the Ankenbaelli with the crossing of the Gauli glacier.

Morning glow on day Nr. 4.

Reaching the Raenfenhorn.

Looking west at about 3050 m towards the Mittelhorn and the Wellhornsaddle.

Traverse to the Wellhornsaddle at about 2980 m.

Looking from the Wellhornsaddle towards the Wetterhorn.

At the ski depot at about 3480 m.

After the first pitch just above the key section for today (a rocky, slippery section) looking over to the Mittelhorn.

About one third up the climb. Lauteraarhorn and Schreckhorn watching us.

Peter just reaching the summit of the Wetterhorn. What a view!

The crew on the summit.

Eiger north face with Grindelwald underneath. Kinda small in the picture, but in reality BIG!

On the climb down again in the upper part of the couloir with some very good snow conditions.

Quickly roping up over the rocky section to play it safe.

Mittelhorn and the view towards the Wellhorn saddle.

Skinning up again for a short section to reach the saddle.

Quite a few tracks showing us the way on the Rosenlaui glacier. In case you are the first you better know where to go.

Looking back at around 2800 m. We took the skiers left route (just below the Wellhorn).

Impressive crevasse country.

The last hurddle of the day. Mandatory air, dicey side stepping or straight lining over glare ice.

Peter chose the ice, which was the better option than my side stepping. He just managed to not wipe out.

The massive breakup of the Rosenlaui glacier at 2300 m.

Fighting our way down through some old avy debris.

Before reaching the creek at around 1550 m.

Thanks to the whole crew for an awesome tour in this remarkable area!