Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Moab Mountain Biking - May 6 to 8, 2006

We went for a weekend of mountain biking and camping to Moab in Utah. After about a 6 hour drive on Friday evening we got there around midnight. The bumpy road up to the Gemini bridges area woke everybody up again, and with the second try we found a site where we pitched the tents. It turned out to be quite a great campsite! Nicely secluded and just below a great spire.

Picture 1: What a campsite !
(click to enlarge)

Picture 2: Jaya and Rob hanging out at the campsite

On Saturday we did the Golden Bar Rim trail, linked it with the Golden Spike trail and went down through the portal. There Steve and Doug decided they did not have enough yet. Zach joined them for the first part but later on decided to return. Steve and Doug pushed on for a mammoth 11hour day of riding. They got back to the campsite after it was dark.

Picture 3: View from Golden Bar rim trail

Picture 4: Rob and Doug taking a break

Picture 5: Zach riding hard

Picture 6: Steve

Picture 7: Taking a break on top

Picture 8: At the portal

Picture 9: Snow, desert and greens

On Sunday we took it a little easier and did the Porcupine Rim Trail. This is a great down hill ride. Jaya was very nice and provided us with a shuttle ride. Thanks again!

Picture 10: Steve on top of Porcupine Rim Trail

Picture 11: View from top of Porcupine Rim Trail

On our last day on Monday we did the Amasa Back Trail.

Picture 12: On top of Amasa Back Trail

All together this was a nice long weekend in the Moab desert with some great riding, relaxed camping, enjoying the sun and having a good time with friends.

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meredith tate said...

hi, can you tell me how to get to that campspot in Moab?!