Sunday, October 22, 2006

Berthoud Pass - October 21, 2006

Riders: Vince, Dave, Gary, Steve, Oliver

The 2006/2007 backcountry snowboarding season is officially underway for me after this weekend. Friday was a quick warm up round and Saturday was very sweet after all the powder we got overnight. We had a 10" base and overnight we received over 12". When you got into some of the wind blown stuff you had well over 18" of the fluffy new stuff on top of the base. We made some nice turns off Berthoud Pass.

Picture 1: Skinning up (Click to enlarge)

Picture 2: Getting Ready for the downhill

Picture 3: Hiking up again

Picture 4: Steve enjoying some sweet turns

Picture 5: Dave getting after it

Picture 6: Gary spraying the pow

Picture 7: Steve in the knee deep stuff

Picture 8: Another Dude enjoying some pow

It was a great outing. There would have been even some better spots. Apparently they got way more fresh stuff on the west side of the continental divide. Check out iskibc's trip report.... it's just sick:
I think that was at Vail Pass.

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