Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Janet's Cabin - January 14 to 16, 2007

Who: Jaya (snowshoes), Gary (splitboard), Perry (telemark skis), Oliver (splitboard)

We went for a 3 day hut trip to Janet's Cabin. Sunday morning we met in Copper Mountain and from there we took the Kokomo and Lumberjack lift to gain about 1000 vertical feet. From the backcountry gate at the resort boundary it is about 3.5 miles and 1000 vertical feet to the hut at 11,600 feet. It is a fairly mellow hike up to the last pitch. Then you really have to earn those last few hundred feet. We made it in a little less than 3 hours from the gate.

Picture 1: Getting Ready for the Climb (Click to enlarge)

Picture 2: Yes, Jaya is ready to slay it

Picture 3: On the way up

Picture 4: Our home for the next two nights

Picture 5: The Cabin (looking East)

Picture 6: Kitchen

Picture 7: Living Room

We chose the coldest few days so far this season. Overnight the temperatures fell down to -20F (= -29C). Even on Monday morning at 10 AM the thermometer read only -10F (= -23C) and stayed around that level all day. However it was almost wind still and therefore it was not too bad, as long as you stayed in the sun.

Picture 8: Thermometer (Reading -10F = -23C at 10 AM in the morning)

After some first turns on Sunday near the hut we decided to venture out a little further and hit some trees on the north east side of the hut. Jaya joined us also for the first part of the tour on her snowshoes. We found a nice open face and made some pretty sweet turns, even though the snow was somewhat sugary and not very supportable.

Picture 9: Gary and Oliver touring around the hut on Monday

Picture 10: Gary's jump into the sugar snow

Picture 11: Perry showing us the perfect tele moves

Picture 12: Me enjoying some pretty sweet turns on an open face

Picture 13: Perry in the white room

Picture 14: More Perry turns

Picture 15: Making our way back to the hut for lunch

After a quick lunch break and warming up in the hut we headed to Searle Pass. From there you have some spectacular views. Ho
wever the snow above tree line was quite wind battered, and we headed quickly back below tree line where the goods were.

Picture 16: On the way up to Searle Pass after lunch

Picture 17: Looking north from Searle Pass

Picture 18: Looking south from Searle Pass

Picture 19: Group on top of Searle Pass

Picture 20: The trees south east of the hut

Picture 21: Gary enjoying the vista before heading home on Tuesday

Unfortunately the time went by very quickly and Tuesday came already. After one more run through the trees we headed back towards Copper Mountain. This was a great trip! I highly recommend visiting the great 10th Mountain Division hut system. (

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