Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's Holidays in Crested Butte

We spent of few very nice days over New Years in Crested Butte. Unfortunately the second blizzard that hit Denver and south eastern Colorado did not make it over the Continental Divide and we did not get any freshies. However we still enjoyed the blue bird days.

Picture 1: Drive over Monarch Pass (click to enlarge)

Picture 2: View from the porch of our cabin

Picture 3: Cabin Front (Three Rivers Resort, Almont)

Picture 4: Our neighbor

Picture 5: Crested Butte Ski Area (most of it hidden to the left)

Picture 6: View to the north towards Aspen

Picture 7: Jaya enjoying a bluebird day

Picture 8: Jaya dropping in

Picture 9: Town of Crested Butte

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