Friday, March 30, 2007

Monarch Pass - Feb 25, 2007

Riders: Gary, Scott, Forrest, Vince, myself
(Photos by Forrest and myself)

Gary and Vince showed us the Monrach Pass area.

Snow conditions were great. With the avy danger rating of considerable we stayed off exposed faces and skied mostly low consequence stuff and trees.
We did Mt Peck (12,208 ft) on the way. That face form the top was great.

Picture 1: Skinning (Click to enlarge)

Picture 2: Forrest enjoying it

Picture 3: Gary getting some air

Picture 4: Still flying

Picture 5: Soft landing!

Picture 6: Scott in the skin trench

Picture 7: Skinning towards Mt Peck

Picture 8: and higher we go

Picture 9: Vince showing off his rock climbing steeze

Picture 10: Ready to drop in

Picture 11: Forrest

Picture 12: Myself enjoying the pow

Picture 13: and some more

Picture 14: Vince milking the last few turns

Forrest's trip report on TGR:

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