Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Berthoud Pow - April 25, 2007

Riders: Scott, Gary & myself
(plus lots of other TGR maggots up at the pass)

Today was a good day!!!

The upslope storm dropped more than 18” up at Berthoud Pass.
We could not wait to get up there. My grainy pictures will not pay enough tribute to the day, but hopefully you get the idea.

We were a little before 7AM in the parking lot where already Kya, mtnbikerskierchick, Gfp and Gary were getting ready for a big day.

We did first 3 laps in Floral Park.
Man, it was deep. Faceshots were had at every turn.

Picture 1: Scott getting some

(Click to enlarge)

Picture 2: Gary

Picture 3: I get my share as well

Picture 4: Happy after a great face shot

Picture 5: Scott can't get enough

Snow stability was really good. We could not get any snow to slide, even on very steep places where there was a slick sun crust underneath.

So we decided later on to head to higher grounds and check out some bigger lines.
Temperatures also started to rise, so we thought that the higher elevations and north facing stuff will be a good bet. So we headed to Russel.

Picture 8: Gary on Russel's north east face

Picture 9: Russel Tracks

Picture 10: Yes, that’s where we were

Picture 11: Scott on the Coconut Ridge

Picture 12: Lunch Break at the Hut.

Yes there is quite some snow up there!

To end our day we headed over to Frankenstein.

Picture 13: Gary going first

Picture 14: Myself in Frankenstein

Picture 16: Scott in Frankenstein

Picture 18: Our tracks (and some others) in Frankenstein

Overall it was a great day.
Temperatures started to rise in the afternoon, but the wind above tree line kept things quite moderate. Only drawback was that the snow up there was somewhat wind affected, but still plenty soft.

We were out there for almost 10 hours and logged nearly 6000ft (descending).

Snow stability was great.
We actually even saw some nice lines down in Mines from some people.

What a way to end April 2007!!!

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