Saturday, May 05, 2007

Citadel East Face - April 15, 2007

Riders: Jeremy, Joe & Oliver

We hit up the East Face of Citadel. Pretty nice snow, even though quite a few people were up there on Saturday before.
We setup a car shuttle, so we started at Dry Gulch and exited through Herman Gulch.

Picture 1: Our Goal (Click to enlarge)

Picture 2: View up Dry Gulch

Picture 3: Citadel South Face

Picture 4: Joe Skinning

Picture 5: Jeremy Skinning

Picture 6: First look at the East Face

Picture 7: Hagar

Picture 8: Switch over to boot packing

Picture 9: Slednecks down in Dry Gulch (actually off limits for them)

Picture 10: Up and up and up….

Picture 11: Break Time on top

Picture 12: Joe dropping in

Picture 13: Jeremy follows

Picture 14: Jeremy milking every turn

Picture 15: Joe enjoying it

Picture 16: Looking back at the east face

Picture 17: Looking up Herman Gulch

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